Hemp Domain Name Rental Program

Hemp Domain Names for Sale and RentDomain Name Usages

  1. Use your Name Server to host the domain name on your web server.
  2. Use a 301 HTTP Header to redirect to your website to increase your targeted keyword rankings in search engines.


Lease Options

  1. 12 Month rental agreement options
  2. Annual Lease: 1 Payment of 1.1% of domain name value
  3. Monthly Lease: 12 Monthly payments of 2.2% of domain name value or $10 minimum
  4. Rent to own options are available
  5. Security deposits
  6. Annual Lease: Not required
  7. Monthly Lease: 1 Month rent
  8. Rent to own: Not required


Lease Payment Options

  1. PayPal
  2. Escrow payments are available from Escrow.com.


Lease Terms

  1. After completion of your lease agreement the domain name will not be leased by other clients for a 12 month period.
  2. No gambling, adult, firearms, hate, drugs, email spam, link spam or other questionable activities.
  3. Prices exclude VAT or sales tax.