Welcome to Hemp Broker Europe

Hemp Broker Europe, would like to welcome current, potential customers and partners. We support the rapid growth of the cannabidiol industry, while focusing upon providing completely legal industrial hemp raw materials for purchase, to both small start-up companies and large corporate entities – and everything in between. Hemp Broker Europe is active and interested in creating partnerships with the established hemp farming industry and farms or groups intent upon pursuing hemp cultivation, as well as agricultural organizations, in order to contract the cultivation of hemp crops. This allows us and our partners to set and maintain quality standards and price modeling for scaling purposes, enabling everyone involved to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for the development of new cannabinoid products.

Farming relationships is just one of the major benefits of involvement with our partnership initiative; Hemp Broker Europe is able to offer consulting strategies that aim to provide support for farmers, educating the necessary parties with regards to hemp industry best practices, government regulation and more, all a result of sharing the knowledge that our partnerships have acquired from genetic breeding and CBD-rich hemp plant material harvesting programs.

In response to the rapidly-increasing demand for CBD-rich hemp plant material and oil, Hemp Broker Europe is now assisting international farms, companies and other groups in setting up laboratories for the purpose of producing CBD-rich hemp oil and related products. This is accomplished through licensing service-level agreements and by developing joint venture partnerships.