Hemp Broker Europe

Joe Spencer started Hemp Broker Europe during 2012 to support the rapid growth of the industrial and medicinal hemp industries by providing CBD hemp biomass supply chain management services to support client’s hemp extraction and product development.

We support clients by assisting them with understanding the hemp market through product development, market reports, marketing strategies and sales support. Quality and ethical business has been our focus. We throughly vet the licensed European farms and licensed hemp extractors we work with.

Whether you require CBD Hemp Feedstock for supporting your hemp extractions, Bulk Hemp Extracts for supporting your product manufacturing cycles, Bulk Hemp Grain feedstock for production of hemp seed food products or EU Certified Cultivation Hemp Seed for supporting your licensed hemp farming projects.

Hemp Broker Europe

Hemp Supply Chain Management Services


Bulk 86% CBD Distillate (THC-Free)

GMP and Kosher Certified Cannabinoid, Terpenes, Pesticides and Heavy Metals Lab Analysis Available