Bulk 90% Hashishene Terpene Available

Experience the Aroma of Traditional Hashish


The typical smell and flavor of traditionally made hashish from Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, and Morocco is created, during the drying, aging, and pressing process of hashish, from the oxidation of beta-myrcene which creates a recently discovered and rare monoterpene called hashishene.

Enhance the Flavour and Effect of Your CBD E-liquids, CBD Distillates, and CBD Hemp Hash Products.

Wholesale Hashishene Terpene Specifications:

  • 5,5-dimethyl-1-vinylbicyclo[2.1.1]hexane
  • Colorless Liquid
  • 90% Hashishene
  • 10% Beta-Mrycene
  • Botanically Derived (Non-Cannabis/Hemp)
  • Samples Available Upon Requests